Litigation is an integral part of the services provided by Hallock & Cammarota, LLP. We maintain a diverse litigation practice representing fiduciaries of estates and trusts, the bringing of judicial accountings and defending fiduciaries from the claims of beneficiaries.

Our clientele also includes beneficiaries who might take exception to the way fiduciaries administer an estate or trust in which the beneficiary has an interest. In that case, if discussions with the fiduciary prove fruitless, we may commence an action against the fiduciary on behalf of the client in order to have the Court decide the matter.

Our Firm represents individuals involved in will contests, judicial guardianships, name changes, expungement of criminal records and a host of other matters with which one may find himself or herself involved – landlord/tenant matters, municipal court appearances, Internal Revenue Service, and New Jersey and Florida taxing authority disputes, and the like.